Saturday, July 3, 2010

Get Paid To Rent An Apartment will send you a $50 gift certificate from your choice of Amazon, Apple, or Target when you sign a new lease on an apartment in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Brentwood, Westwood, or Marina Del Rey, even if you don't find it on! That's right, even if you find it on Craigslist or from a sign on the street, we'll still send you the $50 gift certificate. is a free rentals site with thousands of listings in the Los Angeles area. Innovative features such as map based searching and mobile searching have made the fastest growing rental site in LA.

To qualify for the $50 gift certificate, follow these steps:
1. Sign up for a free email alert on You select the location, price range, and size that you're looking for and we email you when there are new listings that match your criteria. Enter your full name and correct email address. Check the box to receive our newsletter with valuable information for renters.
2. When you look at an apartment, mention to the owner or manager that you use to search for apartments.
3. Rent an apartment that matches your alert criteria and is in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Brentwood, Westwood, or Marina Del Rey.
4. Fax us a copy of (1) your complete signed lease showing your name, the address of the property, and contact info for the manager or owner. (2) any utility bill showing your name and the address to (908) 445-9709. You must fax us within 90 days of creating the alert and within 60 days of signing the lease.
5. We will mail the $50 gift certificate to you at that address within 10 days of receiving your fax and verifying your rental with your landlord.

The following are ineligible:
Renters who have in the past lived in the property shown on the lease or lived in a property owned or managed by the same company as the one on the lease.
Renters who are or have been employees of the property or the owners or the managers shown on the lease.
Renters who are related to the owners or the managers shown on the lease.
Renters of houses, condos, sublets, shared rentals, short term rentals, and vacation rentals. Properties must have a minimum of 2 long term rental units.
Renters who unsubscribe from email alerts before their lease is signed.
Renters who unsubscribe from's Renter Newsletter before their gift certificate is processed.
If you or anyone renting with you has lived in or worked for the property before, or if you are renewing a lease, you are not eligible.
Only one gift certificate will be sent per rental. If multiple renters of the same unit fax us their leases, only one gift certificate will be sent.

We define Brentwood as zip code 90049 and Westwood as zip code 90024.

Terms of this offer are subject to change.


  1. Thanks hotigloos! I just rented a place in Venice that I found on your website - am I eligible for the $50 gift card?

  2. Thanks for using At the moment, the $50 reward offer does not include Venice.

  3. Thanks a bunch hotigloos, I just found an apartment in LA do I qualify for the $50?