Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Free Rental Comparisons

Real estate professionals such as property owners, investors, managers, and brokers like to know about the rental market near certain properties.
HotIgloos  provides a free tool to generate rental comparisons for any property in the US.
Just visit this link and type in the property address:  HotIgloos Free Rental Comps

If you're an owner with a vacancy you might be wondering how much your apartment is worth.
Now you can find out exactly what other apartments like yours are going for. You can also access this tool by adding your listing on and clicking on the "Rent Comps" button in your account.
You'll see all the rentals of the same size in the same neighborhood.

Renters can also use the rent comp data to figure out if something is a good deal or not, or to figure out which neighborhoods are affordable for them to live.

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  1. Well this could help. The link you've given will act as a guide for us on which apartment we will choose. That's cool!

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